Audio level does not work

Some synths when selected have a very loud volume … I found the Audio Level item which I assume is the general level (but I’m not sure) … if I select it, the Zynthian freezes …
I have mapped the volume of the masterkeyboard to the right CC, but I would like to recommend the volume control at the top left immediately on the first screen of each instrument / sound … because the volume is the first thing you adjust and it would be nice to have it immediately available .
I allow myself to say these things because I am trying to use it to play with the band and I have serious difficulties with the levels.
Thank you

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Hi @Lanfranco.

The audio levels page adjusts the soundcard hardware input and output levels. Most synths have an individual audio level which may appear on various pages depending on how the software writers implemented their module. We have made efforts in the past to try to move there instrument’s volume to a consistent place but it hasn’t always been easy to do this

In the next version of Zynthian (sure soon) there is a mixer which allows easier balance of levels and a better way for us to position controls for each engine.

You are not alone in your request and action is being taken to improve this behaviour.

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Thanks Riban.
Obviously mine is not a criticism, but an observation.
Thank you

Hi @Lanfranco !

“You can configure the Audio Level controllers from the webconf’s hardware->audio menu. Simply click the + button on the “Mixer Controls” text area.”

I had the same problem. You have to check the boxes at the Digital Left and Digital Right at least. When all boxes are empty, nothing happens when you select the Audio Levels, as if the page doesn’t exist. It’s not a freezing, because you can go back, but a strange feature.

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Thanks gilrain,

in my case it crashed and I had to reboot from webconf.
Now works!! Thank you