Audio level seems not always balanced

Dear all,

Most of the time, it seems that left and right in the audio level meter is not balanced.
When playing the Fluidsynths Yamaha Grand Piano, I see a significant difference between left and right, and this can also be heared. Right channel is mu lower in volume.

The audio setup looks fine.

Is this across the whole keyboard? Some instruments are panned between left and right so playing the lower register of the keyboard might produce more left output and playing the upper register may produce more right output (or the other way round).

@riban It varies a bit across the keyboard, but right is always lower than left.

Have you checked with other engines? Have you checked the settings in the Audio Levels screen?

@riban It is even more strange.
When I load exactly the same Grand piano beside the first one.
The second one is well in balance, the first not.
Also with the few other engines I tried, balance is ok.

Which soundfont do you load?

Fluidsynth-SF2 Player:
Fluidpianos/Yamaha Grand Piano. The standard one from the list.

By the way, the second grand now shows a dis-balance too.

I’m not seeing this. Loading Yamaha Grand Piano into Fluidsynth gives me normal, balanced stereo image with slightly higher volume on right in the upper register and slightly lower on the left in the lower register. I wonder if there are any MIDI controllers that might be affecting your device (perhaps MIDI log in webconf could help identify these) or some odd MIDI filter (defined in webconf).

[Edit] Have you checked the pan setting in the engine?

@riban Sorry for the late reaction, I was away for some time.
MIDI shows only keystrokes and except from one Yamaha grand, nothing is configured.

@riban After many many tries I found out that the pan was not correctly positioned.
Problem solved, sorry for wasting you time.


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@wyleu @riban
Well, fair enough.
I am not confident to post some of my musical creations, since I am only just beginning.
But I can show you my hardware. The case is 3d printed, it has a 7 inch RPI touch screen and a AB-IOPIPLUS expansion board from AB Electronics, to read the rotators. The audio IO is a HifiBerry DAC+ ADC PRO.

The four buttons still have to be placed.


I have a similar problem using HifiBerry dacplusadc pro. The right channel is 1-2 dB louder using pretty much every instrument (I tried Surge, NoizeMaker, Obxd), I had to compensate in the zynthian audio mixer by setting the right channel @ ~95, while the left channel is @ 100