Audio only in L or R when using audio in

It seems that I suddenly lost the stereo sound when I got my guitar into Zynthian.

It worked fine with ADC left and right inputs to VINL2[SE]+VINL1[SE] and VINR2[SE]+VINR1[SE] respectively, as usual but then I deleted the chain and created a new one and now I can only hear sound from either L or R in my headphones when I plug the guitar in L or R respectively. The sound is stereo when I am playing with synth engines. I tried rebooting with no success. Does anyone have an idea of how I can fix this?

Audio input to Zynthian is stereo or dual mono, i.e. anything plugged into the left input will appear on the left channel. You can create a dual mono presentation of a mono input, i.e. get the left input to appear on both channels by deselecting the right channel in the “Audio Capture” menu within the “Chain Options” menu, i.e.

  • From mixer or control view, bold press SELECT to show “Chain Options”
  • Highlight “Audio Capture” then press SELECT
  • Highlight the channel you want to disable then press SELECT to toggle its selection

Zynthian audio router will route the enabled audio (capture) inputs to the chain thus:

  • If only one selected then it is fed to both channels of the chain
  • If more than one is selected then odd selected inputs are fed to the chain’s left input and even selected inputs are fed to the chain’s right input

A standard Zynthian with just two audio inputs will allow left to both, right to both or left to left and right to right. A device with a multiport audio interface, e.g. USB soundcard with more than two audio inputs will use the odd/even distribution described above.