Audio out


today first try to record audio with the zynthian v3

for audio out is working on the jack connectors.
no audio out on the cinch day.
have I missed something in the manual?
should both work the same time or do if have to set out and in routing first somewhere else?

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Sorry, i don’t understand … what is “cinch day”? :thinking:
Also … you should not be asking this kind of questions privately …

misspelled auto corrector.
on the cinch connectors of the dac no audio out I meant.

Sorry, i don’t understand “cinch” connectors …


OK! You mean the RCA connectors … i didn’t know the word “cinch”, but i just read in the wikipedia that it’s used in some countries …

The RCA should work out the box. They are electrically connected to the output Jack connectors, being the the same signal exactly, so you could test for continuity with a multimeter pin by pin.

Also, I would check the cable or the RCA input on your amp.


RCA == cinch == phono

All different names for a connector used for Hi-Fi interconnects but most music professionals and amateurs alike agree should be avoided if possible.

checked again.still dead.
i will give another try when I get a scope here.

amp was malfunctioning.
my fault sorry.

so audio out is working.

audio in on the mini jack no signal recorded. in audio recorder.
have I still to set up audio routing first somewhere?

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HiFi interconnects should have stayed with the 5 pin DIN.

  1. The audio recorder records on the zynthian output
  2. By default, audio input is not routed to the output. You have to create a FX layer to do so. If you don’t want any FX, simply add a Gain.

Also, take a look to the levels on the ALSA Mixer. For recording from the minijack, you should be using “VNL_1” and “VNR_1” for the ADC input selection. If you were using the Balanced Input, then you have to use the last option (DIFF).



good the we aint on analog and have open gate first.