Audio Programmer Meetup - CMajor Language and Audio Product Design-Management

Edit: Here is an updated link to the Audio Programmer Meetup which works after the livestream:

There are two overall topics - The CMajor language and audio Product Design-management.

Original posting prior to the livestream, the link is dead for me in the US at least:

This is from an email I received today:

We invite you to join us this Tuesday at 6:30pm (UK) for our monthly Audio Programmer Meetup.

Julian Storer & Cesare Ferrari will join us to give us the latest updates on CMajor - a new audio programming language for creating audio plug-ins and apps!

We will then continue our discussion with Elpiniki Pappa (Avid). She has over 10 years of product design and management in our industry, and will be sharing her journey and perspectives!

The meeting is on YouTube:

and starts in a little less than 2 hours from now as I post this.
CMajor apparently recently decided to go open source which I find interesting.


This CMajor language seems to be very interesting indeed! Will it run on the RPi? Let’s find out… :wink:

Update: There is a release for linux-arm64, it looks promising…


Seems like they have reuploaded the video, can you confirm that this is the right link?

That link works for me.