Audio Recorder -no data-

By using Audio Recorder I have no recordings.
No file will be created. I am not using a USB stick.

Here my configuration:

Your screenshot shows a very small USB storage device attached. Zynthian will be trying to save to that and failing. Do you have USB device attached, e.g. Launchpad which presents a MSD with links to setup webpage?

I found the problem.
Whenever I connect the Launchkeymini over usb the audio record will not work.
If it is disconnected the audio will be recorded.
So the usb connection to launchkey will be detected as usb-key…
Is this possible to fix?
Because I will record and play will launchkey in the same moment.

There are two things that can be done:

  1. Report this as an issue so that the underlying issue is resolved
  2. Disable MSD mode in Launchkey Mini

You really don’t need MSD mode so I recommend disabling this. Instructions to do this are in the Launchkey user manual. For Mk 3 the instructions are:

  • Hold the [Shift] button whilst powering up the Launchkey Mini
  • Press top left pad (yellow) to disable
  • Press [Play] button to start Luanchkey Mini

This setting is persistent so only need to change once.

I disabled MSD->It works now.
Thank you @riban

Don’t forget to report the issue. We need to fix this as it may impact other workflows, e.g. internal or USB storage that is nearly full should indicate reason for failure to user.

No Audio Recording with connected USB controller #536
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