Automatically show plugin GUI on VNC screen?

I have a VNC server running on a second virtual X display (DISPLAY=:1). DISPLAY is configured in /etc/environment. It works so far as the plugin guis show up when I restart the zynthian service manually via systemctl. However, I would like this to happen automatically at boot without the need to restart Zynthian service. I tried to modify the systemd units so that Zynthian service starts after the vnc server, even configured a 10 second startup delay for Zynthian service but nothing helps. No guis until I restart Zynthian service manually. Any ideas ?

Hi @catherder !

Some plugin’s GUIs have problems. Could you check the zynthian UIs log?

journalctl -u zynyhian


I checked the logs and could not find anything. No big deal anyway as it was mainly meant to create presets. I will now use jalv.gtk for this job as you and others suggested in my other post How do I store and use Surge presets? - #3 by ToFF