Availability of Kit v4.6 and Zynface module

Is the Zynthian Kit v4.6 simply available? Same for the Zynface kit.
Also I am trying to find out how easy / difficult it is to add more CV in and outs, pref. also some in 16 bit. I’ll make a topic of it in the Hardware part I think.

Hi @MarkWestbroek !

Nice to meet you and welcome to zynthianland!

The kit is available, of course. If you can buy it in the shop, it’s available :wink:

The zynface is also available, but the zynaptik extended module is not, so only poeple having a zynaptik-3 extended or a zynaptik-2 can take profit of it. Also people with zynaptik-1, using the expander kit.

Tthis is clearly explained in the product details:

This kit only works with legacy Zynaptik-2 and newer Zynaptik-3 Extended modules. It can’t be used with Zynaptik-3 MIDI or Standard versions!

Regarding your second question, current implementation only supports 4 ADC + 4 DAC, but it could be extended. All the needed bricks are already deployed. Also, current implementation map CV to 7 bit CCs, but 14 bit CCs could be implemented too. The ADC & DAC chips are 16 bit ones.


hi jofemodo (or which name shall I use?),
Thank you for your quick reply and actually first of all, the great job you’ve done creating this!

I just stumbled upon your product yesterday evening, but saw possibilities. I want something polyphonic for eurorack: a central controller / ‘brain’ that flexibly transforms MIDI into CV, can make envelopes and do LFO’s, but leaves the core sound production to analog circuits. So VCO’s, filters, ring modulation and so forth should be analog, but the steering and modulation can be digital.
The ‘brain’ should be fast enough to calibrate itself rather than the VCO’s (if you feed them back it should be able to make a volt-frequency curve and use that to produce the right notes; so a stable but not linear VCO should still produce the right notes).
Furthermore I’d like to implement some analog matrix (like the MatrixBrute and other fixed poly synths have) to route connections from there (and not with cables), so you can store and recall them…

That all asks for a distributed architecture I think: you cannot put everything on one spot, or you can, but then all cables go to and come from one big patchbay. That would be a mess.
If CV-ins and outs can be on small panels anywhere in the rack, close to the modules they are steering or reading out, that would be much cleaner.

I first thought of using a teensy 4.1 and SPI (daisychained) to connect all these modules via the back, but wasn’t sure if I would not be asking too much of the teensy. Also, putting a bigger screen, keyboard etc. on a teensy is not trivial and memory is not limitless. That’s why I looked into RP.

But many things are rather new to me. I can program (did C#, java and C++), I did develop a module for eurorack (design, pcb making, soldering), can use basic KiCad, and have some knowledge still from a years ago when I studied electrotechnical engineering for a year. I work in IT since 25 years now. Currently more in functional analysis, but often closely software related.

But, I understand the extra DAC and ADC of the Zynaptik-3 Extended are linked to the RP via I2C. So they listen on a certain reserved address for them. So, am I correct if you implement any I2C chip (+ circuit around it) you should be able to ‘talk’ to it via I2C if the address is free? Would SPI be possible in the same way, or is the software aimed at I2C?

I did not look into the software yet. Can you advise where to look first on github? Or did you make a software design model, picture of the architecture or something, from where I can go and understands what happens when MIDI comes in and how it’s mapped to the DACs (and vice versa?).

A lot of questions. I think I’ll make a topic about this, so it’s not only on you… :slight_smile:

Thanks and regards,

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I could buy a second hand 4.4 kit (assembled of course) from autumn '21. The seller cannot find its exact configuration, but should it be rather the same than the current version? At least concerning the features I need.

It seems I must make an expander myself, maybe using another DAC chip (the one you use is very hard to find I think, and I’d like 14 or 16 bits anyway. The MCP4728 is DAC is 12 bits, as far as I can find.