Avoid midi Clicks?


I just downloaded the last version of the zynthian RC3, but i don’t know if this problem is related to this specific version.

When i sent midi information (cc, note…), i hear all the times clicks, even if i use zynthian knobs.

I made a video to show you, even without sounds from plugins i can hear clicks !

I use a 3A power supply, so i don’t think it’s come from that.

Any solutions ?

I partially solved the problem, I removed a audio effect layer and lower the input volume in alsa mixer, and no more clicks, but it’s strange because nothing it’s pluck into my audio input.
So I think it’s not a good idea to use lv2 synth layer and audio input effect layer in the same time.
Do you know where the problem come from ? Thanks !

Please, could you give some info about your hardware (kit version, customization, etc.) and setup (how everything is connected, etc.) ?


Anyway, it smells like a power supply problem. The USB power cable is very important too. You can have the best power supply, but if your cable is not good enough, you will have problems.


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Thanks joemodo, always there, the best :upside_down_face:

I didn’t have time to respond, i will do it tomorrow to better explain my problem.

Anyway, i’ve got this one :

I think it’s a good one, isn’t it ?

Why not use the official Raspberry Pi PSU? It works well with a captive cable and seems cheaper than many options suggested by various people.


It seems a good one, but until you test it, you don’t know.
BTW, I hope to offer a power supply on the zynthian shop very soon …


This is normally a no-brainer option, of course :wink:

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I’ve found Pi4’s seem a little bit better behaved on PS requirements than Pi 3’s

I just made a video to explain my issue.
I voluntary put the volume in a very loud way to better understanding. I know we never put the volume at this point but when I put some midi in the zynthian i can hear the clicks even when the sound volume it’s normal.

my problem is : when i add audio fx layer, it’s create midi clicks in my synth layer, without audio fx layer, no more clicks.
Do you think it’s my power supply or something else ?

Thanks, and sorry for my very bad english !