Lately, I’m reading more and more often from Glitch2. Therefore, I would like to pay attention to the following plugin:

In any case, it has a better name. :wink:


Ooh! That looks nice. I have compiled and installed it on my Zynthian and it runs fine although it is triggering xruns and I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet. (Little matter of Spain vs Italy.)


I had a chance to play with this for just a few minutes.

Audio is processed as expected and I wasn’t noticing many xruns. I need to check what caused previous xruns.

The GUI is slow to refresh in VNC over WiFi. I need to test on a wired connection.

There are many presets to play with so I haven’t touch the GUI yet.

A lot of the controls are exposed in the Zynthian UI but I would need time learning how to use it before most make sense.

The default / out-of-box configuration does not respond to ZynSeq tempo. I have a suspicion that B.Oops may take over as timebase master which would be undesirable. It might just be a setting needs adjusting. The (copious and well written) README talks about the different clicking options. I will investigate.

I tested as an audio effects chain. I didn’t try it as an effect on a synth nor did I test using a sample. In theory it sold be able to act on audio captures.

My initial assessment is that it probably has similar reduce demands as Surge or Vitalium and may be on the edge of useable, depending on the preset / configuration. I reckon we could make it an optional install with a note about its resolve use. (It really needs proper benchmarking.)

Well done to @spurkopf for pointing is to this gem.


It´s a pleasure for me. :smiley:

I am working on a Debian package which we could add to Zynthian.

[Edit] Debian package target added to makefile in my fork. I need to build this on armhf (Raspberry Pi) and validate it works on Zynthian then will offer to be added to Zynthian repository. I will also offer pull request upstream who may want to tweak some of the metadata. This may not happen today because there is the little matter of England v Denmark!


Best compile with optimization flags (make CPPFLAGS+="-O3 -ffast-math"). This (hopefully) should reduce the xruns.

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Cheers! I submitted a deb package but will try this optimization, hopefully before the package gets integrated with testing.

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I have submitted an updated package that applies the suggested optimisation. Expect to see that in testing soon.

I have been playing with it a bit today and it does integrate with the zynthian clock so tempo and beats-per-bar affect BOops operation. (Mode needs to be: Host-controlled.) It looks like BOops starts the clock which zynseq might not be expecting (though it should behave). This may mean that sequences start on the next bar rather than immediately (when no other sequences are playing). The converse is true, if you stop all sequences then the clock is also stopped so BOops will stop. This integration is something that needs some attention but until recently we didn’t have zynseq sufficiently advanced to consider the impact. I guess it is another thing on my long list!

xruns don’t seem to be occurring like I thought they were (even without the optimisation). jackd cpu load is in the order of 12% (depending on the effects being applied) so BOops looks like it will behave nicely with other zynthian modules.