Back button use in test midi

My new zynthian box seems to be up and going. I don’t know enough to be sure though. One issue I have going through the testing routines is that stopping the midi test usually doesn’t work properly. The actual midi test seems fine but using the back switch stops the midi but also seems to stop the ui as well. I have to power off and on again to get it going again. It seems like a bug to me because the back switch works fine elsewhere. Before I go big hunting I wanted to ask if that us likely or do I still have a problem with my soldering

I mean bug hunting of course.

You are right, @oily_wagg!
There was an error in the MIDI test function introduced with the new multilayer version.
I’ve fixed the problem and will be in the repository in the next days, with the new Web Configuration Tool :wink:


Wooohoooo! You know you’re getting somewhere when you can find a bug.

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