Backing tracks player

after successful (with ronsum’s help) creation of a puredata webradio player, here is a puredata backing track player, with play/pause, volume control, and speed control.

@ronsum, did you have to move the ffplay~.pd_linux file to the top directory to make it work ?
I kept it in the ffplay subdir to allow the patch to run on pc…

Have fun ! (2.2 MB)

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Why not just use Zynthian’s own built-in audio player?

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There are several changes needed to make this work in zynthian.

  1. The files were placed in a folder prior to zipping. The main.pd and zynconfig.yml must be in the main directory of the zip folder or they wont load.

  2. The ffplay~.pd_linux file is not the same one I used and doesn’t work (it may be for 64bit instead of 32bit). If you use the correct file, I think it will work even if it’s in a sub folder.

  3. The pd messages used to load the files must include the complete directory where the file resides.

  4. In the yml file under the ‘speed’ control, you need to place a space before midi_cc, value and labels. You also need to include a colon after labels.

As @riban stated, you can just use the built-in audio player. I think he is planning to add playback speed control and some other playback features in the near future.

Ok, I guess I’ve been too enthusiast :slight_smile:
We can delete this topic if needed.

No, please don’t, and the enthusiasms are what drives this place along. The ability to produce many solutions to a specific problem is where invention comes from and the observations of the community are all valuable.
Please, in no way should you curtail your activities because the grammar of a solution delivers insight.

There is a benevolent dictatorship at work round here, enforced by a mythical world of madness and whimsy that simply wants to control sound using the zynthian and we all thrive off the enthusiasm.

In some ways we are apeing the journey from Perl ( There are many ways to do things…) to Python ( There is only one way) and the final desire is to place the solution to a specific use case in as easy and accessible way thrives on the dvelopments. The idea of PD as a development environment has generated many, many useful insights. There’s an oscilloscope out there somewhere and we get to see what can be done.


Ok, I’m not fluent enough for that long post, but let’s continue :slight_smile:

Here’s an updated file following ronsum’s guidelines : (1.2 MB)

I experienced and read that the file paths can also be relative.


Does google translate make it understandable?

I have often wondered how my verbals translate…

Because I’m vain.

Yes it’s better, now I (think I) understood that the dictatorship reference was more ironic than critic. But with not google…