Balena Etcher Problems & Pi Imager


Balena Etcher has been consistently failing validation when writing the current Oram image. It happens with SD cards, USB sticks & nvme drives so I don’t think it’s media related. I deleted and reloaded the software and no change in behavior. However this hasn’t been a problem since the Pi Imager seems to be working fine . My question is does the OS customization feature in Pi Imager have any effect on the Zynthian image or is it just for the vanilla Pi image. It sure would be nice, in my case, if the wifi configuration could take place without having to connect to a wired ethernet to configure. Also I’m on a Pi 5 and I assume that’s what I should be choosing in Pi Imager but I really don’t know if it makes a difference.

I’m pretty certain that the “Raspberry Pi Device” you select only effects the OS choices you are given, and as long as you scroll down and select Custom it has no effect.

That is an interesting idea to let Imager do actual customization of Zynthian but I think it would be difficult to do.

Do you have a problem accessing webconf via wifi initially?

I believe @wyleu has had issues with Balena Etcher and I remember it failing for me last time I tried to use it. I have used dd to write the image which of course does nothing other than write the data to the flash media. It may be that Etcher has a problem, maybe with the image size which has grown above 16GB with Oram. It may be worth talking to the Balena team.

Oram already allow to configure wifi from the zynthian-UI, given the UI is operative when booting for first time.



My wired ethernet is in another part of the house from where my studio is. In the case of Oram on Pi5 there are another set of problems that I’ve been working my way through so it’s lot’s of trips up and down the stairs, moving the HDMI monitor etc. Once I get the Oram/Pi5 issues sorted out it will be less of a concern. Thanks for all the input.

@harrylnorris you should be able to enable WiFi from the Zynthian UI (admin menu), selecting the access point and entering the passcode. This is what @jofemodo mentioned. If you can’t do that then please let us know.

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The problem I’m having is that (on Pi5) with the default audio device and the Behringer 222 USB audio device I’m using Zynthian enters a continuous reboot sequence so the UI is not up long enough for me to enter the wifi info. Somehow though webconf (which I can only get into initially though wired enet) is up long enough for me to change the audio device to the Behringer. Once this done the continuous rebooting stops and I can configure the wifi through the UI. I haven’t reported this as a bug yet as I am going through the whole process one more time to ensure that what was said above is actually what is going on.

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  1. Corrected a typo above - should have been “only get into initially though wired enet”
  2. I confirmed the rebooting behavior with the default audio device selected in webconf but B222 actually plugged in. I’m up and updating software now (some needed chars missing in wifi pwd selection for the online Oram image but I’m pretty sure what I need is in one of the updates)
    Will submit ticket in a bit… Thanks. Harry
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Hi @harrylnorris and others with the same problem!

I’ve implemented this in Oram:

When zynthian UI fails to start and there is no active network connection, the WIFI access point is enabled and the connection IP is shown in the display.

I hope this will simplify things to a bunch of @zynthianers :wink:



:clap: Excellent.