Barrel organ

Has someone already built a barrel organ instrument like with the zynthian?
A crank for bmp and play measurement would be fine.

I doubt you could generate enough power with a hand crank to power a zynth…

An auduino would probably be a good device to do the interface and then generate midi for the zynth.

well I want the hand crank for bpm only like on a real one.the midi file player behind or whatever isn’t the problem.the barrel organ I am looking after is already midified. so you could hook up the midi file player directly.but what is a barrel organ without crank.But adding a dynamo for recharging sounds finde too.

btw is there already a midi file player plugin for zynthian yet?

Zynthian has a MIDI recorder and player built-in, accessible from the Main Menu. It allows control of playback tempo. Maybe someone could write a plugin that took a pulse signal and adjusted the tempo to match.

If I understand correctly, you want a crank to step through a sequenced tune on the Zynthian? That’s a cool idea. I would think a rotary encoder is the way to go. I don’t know the MIDI command to step the sequencer in Zynthian but it doesn’t seem too tricky to put a crank on a rotary encoder, hook it up to a Teensy (or Arduino), plug the Teensy into the USB of the Zynthian, program the Teensy to send the MIDI step code to Zynthian every turn (or fraction of a turn), and at that point, you’d essentially be setting the BPM for the playback of a tune with a crank, in real time, just like cranking a barrel organ. That’s the way I would do it.

Yep! I had a similar idea to Jude. Use an intermediate device like an Arduino which reads a sensor and sends MIDI commands.

The sensor could be a rotary encoder (although that might have limited life), an electric motor with filter circuit (effectively acting as a generator), a switch (like a microswitch or opto-coupler) which was triggered by a cam or cog, etc.

The microprocessor could take the sensor readings and calculate the speed of rotation as well as having a threshold for stopped / started.

Interface to the Zynthian could be via 5-pin DIN MIDI or presenting as a class-compliant USB MIDI device. It could send MIDI messages:

  • STOP
  • MIDI CLOCK (at a rate relative to sensor measurement)

This depends on Zynthian supporting external MIDI clock which I can’t remember the state of development. It is a feature we have used in the past but some changes may have disabled this. It is certainly something we should have.

An alternative is to interface with Zynthian at the API level and send start/stop/continue and tempo messages. This is not fully implemented yet but is planned to be delivered sometime this year.

I really like the idea of a switch being triggered by cam or cog or something.