Battery powered Zynthian with build in keyboard


Good luck, @Aleksi! I will be waiting for your feedback about the building proccess :wink:


I have realized that I had been looking at wrong part list when I made my order. lol I was looking at this. It will take few weeks to gather every missing part because I dont have funds to buy them all right away.

There might be mistakes in schematics like analog sensors connected to digital pins. I dont feel like looking at schematics right now so I am not sure. I will fix them during this weekend. I have made weekend after this weekend my deadline for files to be send to PCB manufacturer so that I will make some progress. It will take while for them to get here anyways.

I did make wiring and test quickly with some ready made code that encoders work with Teensy without any other components. They do. I had some personal stuff so I could not prototype whole rotary encoder part like I said I would.

Also, I tried to get my pi 3 to start but I got some error message. Something about no working init found. I think it was because I used 64GB sd card from my tablet. I tested my other raspberry pi with other sd card. I got it to show Zynthian screen but it turns out that it was raspberry pi 1. :rofl: I was 100% for a while that it was pi 2. I even spent maybe 1 hour making adapter so that I can connect main wiring to it.

I did order new 32GB sd card. It will be here in 2 days.


Impressive posts and very good work! I am really interested in this build.

Well done changing to Kicad! :heart_eyes: