Behringer Mötor 61 + Zynthian

Hi @zynthianers!

I just received my new toy and i’ve been testing and tweaking a little bit with Zynthian. I’ve an initial integration with setBfree and more is on the way:



We wish you a Happy Christmas !!

Jojojo!! Odinnnnnnnnnn!!! :musical_keyboard::musical_keyboard:

It’s a strange beast isn’t it? :smile:

what’s the branch name ? :smiley:

It’s not commited yet, @wyleu … i’ve to implement the controller feedback properly … but i’m motivated, my friend!! :wink:

We are in for some fairly major testing :smiley:

Interested to hear your thoughts on Program Change from the motor 61, Use the pads?

I’ve tested with the ZS3 (subsnapshots) and it works OK, although it seems like having a little delay?
I don’t like too much that you have to be in “P. Change” mode (i.e. P.Change button) but probably it’s not a major problem once you are familiarized with the keyboard.

Anyway, i’ve only tested for 1-2 hours, most of the time with the faders. It’s a quite complex beast so i would need a week or so …


I think that using the motor61 as the basis of a zynthian controller model we will be able to produce a very fine generalized control model that will extend easily and it will allow us to close the midi controller loops, especially on snapshot changes and external midi PC change.

But at the end of the day we want a drawbar organ :smiley:

Do we use the fader banks to allow the 9 drawbars required for a hammond to be represented via the 8 flying faders or ‘misuse’ the volume slider for the 1" drawbar?

But also a mix down console for multi layer productions…

There seems to be a two (Al least) possible modes .

An overall Mix down mode ( presumably when the layers menu) with the overall volume slider allocated to overall mix level.

An individual Preset modifier.

Hi @jofemodo,

some guys said that the keyboard of the Mötor is not really good. What do you think?

It’s working fine by now … but i didn’t make a really serious session yet. Give me some days and i will try to send a better report and video …

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I’m thinking of using 9 faders for drawbars, and using one of the rotaries as volume controller :wink:

Yes … and probably more. Remember that "sequencing is coming … " :grin:

I completely agree with you that this keyboard is a good “starting point” for a serious integration of Zynthian with “popular” MIDI controllers. We should have something modular and easy to tweak, like Ableton Maps. Perhaps we should study the Ableton Map “format”, that is “pyhon-based” …
If we could be compatible with Ableton Maps, we would have access to tons of freely available device-mappings.

But i need time to study and think about it … and of course, also need your help with this huge task!!


Hi @zynthianers!

I’ve commited a “quick & dirty” implementation that allows to have controller feedback with the Mötor 61 and other controllers with MIDI feedback. It’s in the master branch because it shouldn’t break nothing :thinking::thinking::scream::scream:

For testing you have to:

  • From your Mötor 61:

    • Assign a bank of faders to CC 70-78
    • Enable MIDI feedback for that bank if it’s disabled (probably it’s already enabled!!)
  • From webconf->MIDI->devices: enable MIDI output for Mötor 61 devices (there are 2 of them!!)



OK! I’ve implemented the a better controller-feedback mechanism. It uses an independet Jack port that can be routed to the selected MIDI-Controllers devices. You can select the devices that will receive the feedback using the Webconf tool, at the end of the MIDI section:



Does this work over the standard TTY MIDI out or are you connecting the Motor 61 by USB?
I can feel drag in the faders but still haven’t seen movement from the 61 end, do you have a snapshot config that applies to the setBFree instance?

As a keyboard for live playing is really bad. When you play several notes at once, you get missed note-offs contantly. I’ve to update the firmaware to see if it solves the problems …

@wyleu, what do you think about? Do you have missed mote-offs with your Mötor? What firmware version do you have?


I’ve done the firmware updates pretty much immediately.

Are the missing notes on organ model? I have found you don’t get the problem if you use MIDI rather than USB. . .

Of course, setBfree makes the problem bigger because the lack of “decay”, but the problem is in the MIDI stream sent by the keyboard. Until now i’ve only used USB, so i will try with MIDI ASAP.
I’ve to update the firmware too … but i don’t have any windows machine by here … :wink:

Yes I keep a small partition on my laptop with Windows 10 which occasionally I drag out into the bright sun and whilst it’s still blinded by the light I get whatever is required done then quickly lock it back in its damp dripping dungeon before it starts to tell me how it wants things done…

It also runs the Nord Modular editor but we wont mention that. . . .

The keyboard firmware update seems to play with the velocity curves on the keyboard but all in all I’ve not had problems with it outside of USB and my son who is a considerably more able keyboard player than me seems happy with it and he’s got a very good ear for irregularity in performance.

OK! So the problem is with MIDI-USB … so it’s a software problem … so it can be solved by firmware update … so behringer should solve it ASAP!! … i hope … :wink: