Behringer's Keystep Clone?


I hope Uli has cooperated with Arturia, but as I have not read something regarding this my assumption is that Behringer did not…

This article explains that Behringer did not work with Arturia or Designbox on this. Their responses are unequivocally and quite stern. It is confusing why Beringer have behaved in this way. Their clones of classic synths have been generally well received, even if the licencing isn’t clear but this is just plain weird. I would expect to see cheap copies from disreputable manufacturers but this isn’t particular cheap and Behringer have a fairly good reputation for building useful great to a price point. Bad show Uri! :frowning:


Really a very strange company policy, makes them very unsympathetic. :-1:


It’s just a Behringer nonsense and a very uncorrect move. Arturia it’s a very small company compared to Behringer, wich makes this thing worst.
I have a Keystep and i have a Behringer Crave and i like both. The last one is “inspired” by the Moog Mother 32 but at least they changed the layout :expressionless:

They’ve got form, let’s not forget the cable tester palava.

Behringer CT100

EBTech 6-in-1 Cable Tester

Totally different… One is blue!


The funny thing about the CT100 was that due to Behringer’s notoriously poor build quality you were never sure if the fault was in the cable or the tester! I ended up reaching for my continuity tester when it reported bad!


Behringer’s response doesn’t sound apologetic. I’m not sure they are doing themselves any favours here. They seem to be taking the line that unscrupulous vendors copy so they can / should also. Don’t they see what they have just called themselves?

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B was always ethically sketchy, but after the Cork Sniffer debacle i dont understand why they werent straight out boycotted.

Uli Behringer is a proven scumbag.

Let’s see how hard this backfires in terms of sales.
My guess is: not really…

It kinda seems unloving (as well as pointless) to tell Behringer NO without at least suggesting alternatives.

This guy has the right idea.


So… if we ship the Zynthian step sequencer and add wooden cheeks to the store we can knock out both Arturia and Behringer?


That article got mentioned on Synthtopia, and one of the comments made me laugh:

Missed a trick there : Add a robust case-mounted USB 2B connection and tear that horrible little board-mounted micro USB out into an abandoned warehouse and hit it repeatedly with a hammer, which is on fire.
Sorry, the rage came back.

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Paint it silver … remove most of the good bits and call it Zynthian Titanium edition at 10x normal cost … possibly inspired by Korg’s business model :>


maybe too late …


Mine’s not arrived yet but I did wonder about wooden cheeks - mentioned it jokingly to my neighbour, who was a cabinet maker, and he said (I think jokingly…) let me know what you want! :grinning:


ok i immediately put the device on the internet. thanks for your answer