Bespoke synth, a new DAW concept that's Open Source and GPLv3

A pretty interesting concept and a really cool modular approach to daw functionality.


It looks really nice ! I think, I will give it a try.

I’m loving it!!
For a bit of context, never in my life have I found myself just playing around and creating music inside of a DAW (or anything that works like one) in front of a computer, and this has got me completely hooked!

Now if only I could have this on a raspberry pi 4 with a 5 inch (or 7 inch) display…

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it complains about and I’m with 3.9 …

Fwiw - There’s a PR in for a better build process with cmake -esp on linux.

Give it a couple days or look at the GitHub or discord if you want to try that


Yeah Bespoke is the bee’s knees! I’ve been addicted to it since that tweet went out :slight_smile:

New build process got pushed to main. Check GitHub for details.

Much easier on linux now

That’s good. Sadly it does not compile on my Ubuntu 18.04 system, because it wants a newer CMake (filed a bug report already). Would be great if the build requirements could be wound back to encompass the many users of older Linux systems.

Or current systems. 18.04 is LTS within standard support hence is a current OS.