Black Friday Libraries


It’s Black Friday and the website has a 90% discount on Grand Piano libraries, there are several libraries in the SFZ version. Has anyone here tried their SFZ libraries on Zynthian?

There are also good discount offers on Pianos on the website, but I tested their demo libraries and was unable to make them work on Zynthian.


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I purchased all available SFZ libraries in Sampletekk website:

  • Cin-A
  • Cin-C
  • Cin-D
  • S.S.G
  • Singularis
  • Steiny D classic sfzED
  • Steiny D close sfzED

I started testing with Steiny, and they are working perfectly even though the samples are in .flac format. Very beautiful samples. So far it has been worth it.


How much ram does your pi have?

Raspberry Pi4 - 1Gb