Black screen after changing ui interface colors several times

Hello fellows !

I am in a concert trip now (with zynthian among other things) and decided to change color scheme of main interface. While changing colors and applying them a few times I have got error message on the screen and after reboot display was not working. To check the working condition of the display I have tried fresh burned gorgona image - display is fine, just fails to work with main sd card… I have standard PiScreen 3.5 (v2). Don’t have proper internet connection here, so reassembling a new image with all the updates is not an option :confused:

If someone has any ideas how to solve this kind of problem (maybe to reset or delete color/display settings somewhere), please share. Would be very grateful for any help !!!

Can you send us a snapshot of webconf config page that you used to set the colour settings?

Hi @dhrupadiya!

Probably you introduced some value with bad format and the system doesn’t check the format, so it crash.

This is the default color scheme config:

background color = #000000
text color = #ffffff
light color = #ff0000
panel background = #3a424d
font family = Audiowide
font size = 14

Try to introduce these values from the webconf, taking care of extra spaces, etc.


Hi @jofemodo,

Thank you for your reply ! In my case it is probably not the problem with characters or spaces. Have tried entering default data and nothing has changed. Trying to make a fresh image from older backups that I have found, but it would be interesting to find out the cause of my problem, so in future we would know the solution.

My mistake was probably to unplug the power after a few minutes of error message after unsuccessful color change. It could be data writing process that I have interrupted and it could cause some problems.

Very grateful you for your kind support !

@wyleu, please tell me, what kind of snapshot you ask me to share ? http://zynthian.local/api/ui-style. Do you need screenshot or the source code ?

Image is still unrecovered. Has copied important preset snapshots and instruments in case it will not be recovered.

Thanks for help !

I would like you to post a screen snapshot of the screen on the webconf with which you changed the settings. In effect I was asking you the same as Jofe did but if you grab a screen snapshot we can see what defaults you are using. … .

The other thing to look at is the Inteface Gui logging, that might show you an error message that would indicate where the problem might lie.

Hi @dhrupadiya!

Please, try to delete the main config file:

rm -f /zynthian/config/

Then run the configuration script:




I have executed both commands and got a long list of error. Nothing has changed for goot - webconfig has stopped working :frowning:

Good I have made backups…

The way I see, it wouldn’t be easy to recover anything in “travel mode”… Thank’s for help - will try to fresh image approach and if no success - would continue without zythian till my return home.

I wonder, how many times already you can screw everything up, when all things are working great (talking about myself) :confused:

Terminal output:
output.txt (38.7 KB)

It seems that your SD is in “read-only” mode … you could try to run fsck from a desktop/laptop computer.


It was updated to the last active version (gorgona image and all the updates). Can still access the image via ssh, so extended logs and errors I will be able to get later. Hopefully…

For the future I will keep an extra sd card (as well as working latest image). Good lesson for me !

Will continue this investigation on my return home, after 14th April.

@jofemodo, very grateful !

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Hello everyone !

I came back home and tried to investigate the problem with my failed image. I guess, it was wrong of me in the first place to unplug the power supply after half an hour red error on Zythinian’s screen. Probably we should never unplug it if there is another option. Would try shutting it down remotely, but it was road trip setup, nothing was available at hand, no rj45 cables - nothing. And when everything was available the system image was failed already.

After an hour of experiments here in Moscow I decided to burry that case and just to clone working sd card to a few others.

Thank you to @jofemodo and everyone who have helped in my struggle !

Doy you still have the “broken” SD card? If you send It to me, i will try to find what happened and improve the system for avoiding similar problems in the future.

Anyway, i have some ideas for recovery from broken configuraciones …


Will try to make an image from that card, 7zip it and upload for you. I really have lost my hope (patience) trying to recover it …

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Nice … please do it and i will do my research :wink: