Bluetooth qwerty keyboard

Is it possible to use a Bluetooth qwerty keyboard in Zynthian?
It is much easier than having a wired one. Less wires= more streamlined process.
I’ve read the topic about MIDI over bluetooth and that the RPI has a dedicated bluetooth onboard and that it is disabled in Zynthian because of conflicts with serial 5din MIDI.
If I have a bluetooth USB dongle, would it cause similar issues?
Is there a way to pair bluetooth devices in Zynthian?

BLEMIDI is planned for Oram. I have been working on it today. It was working but had broken in recent updates. I hope it will be fixed soon. There will not be a need for external Bluetooth adapter for RPi4.

What about bluetooth qwerty keyboards?

I’m considering how we might integrate Bluetooth peripherals. It’s not a high priority though.

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