Boot choice zynthian or raspbian gui

when i power on zynthian hardware, it automatically boot zynthian. It is possible
to create a window on startup with a multiple choice?

  1. Zynthian
  2. Raspbian GUI
  3. Wine


Actually the ability to specify the starting screen in the zynth would be dearly useful. To start in the audio recorder for instance would be great for backing tracks.

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yes, but how is it possible

Well the zynth side is an internal issue, but what you are describing would in simple terms require 3 different sd cards, but I understand there are other mechanisms that might allow different environments. At the end it’s just grub at the start and that allows that sort of selection or that’s what I understand. It’s not something I’ve tried.

hmmmm… :thinking:

yes, that’s what i mean

Is it possible to simply start the raspbian gui from zynthian?

The raspbian desktop

the lxde screen?

Not from within the zynthian, as the zynthian build only has the files relevant to using it as a zynthian. Obviously the raspbian desktop is a different kind of beast and requires you add a lot of components with possibly different dependancies that could well conflict with specific components required by the zynth.

Sorry if this a bit possibly but that’s probably the truth. You are asking the machine to produce a software environment that live harmoniously whilst making different calls on the hardware.

There might be other mechanisms using devices that hold the sd images separately within a larger file system but I’ve no personal experience of doing that. My personal solution is to run two pis side by side. A pi4 running the zynth and a pi 3 cos one became spare running raspbian.

The simplest method would be to use the spi boot available in the pi4 to enable booting from usb and reordering the boot sequence so that a usb os takes precidence over the sd card.

Then you can plug in a usb with a graphical desktop OS and boot from that.


Berryboot may help you :

Edit: after having a look at the documentation, I understand that all operating systems have to share the same kernel version. To be confirmed …