Boot Zynthian from USB SSD

Not just updates, but also any changes to config can revert it too. That said, if you do get it working and don’t change stuff often, it feels pretty good.

root@zynthian:~# uptime
00:41:18 up 24 days, 15:26, 1 user, load average: 1.46, 1.36, 1.29

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Some nice open source info here about a case that can house an m.2 sata drive and a way to re-route a usb 3 port back inside the case.

If I could re-route a usb3 to m.2 cable inside an official zynthian pi 4 case my dream sequence would be reaching the closing credits.


That one is nice and ready made with m2 SSD for 45$:

Another one with SATA drive, for 55$, but provides PSU and an excellent pwm fan:

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I use the argon 1 case and these new features address a couple of issues rather nicely.

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I’m looking carefully on these announcement because I’ve got some “spare parts” liké 2.5 inch SSD and M2 SATA SSD in my definitively dead computers (PC and notebook). :face_with_thermometer:

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Thanks. I tried this, and made the changes.
However, as soon as I make any changes in the webconf and try to save them, I permanently lose the ability to use webconf over browser. Any ideas?

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I found that webconf changes reverts the settings.

In a connected issue, I talked about an SD card extension ribbon I bought recently on the zynth club meetings. It turns out that pi 4s use a low power mode for SD cards and as such, they don’t work very well unless you update the cmdline.txt on the boot partition, which has similar results if you webconf.

I will raise a request tonight to add “special cmdline.txt and config” parameters to webconf to rectify.

I’ve narrowed this down. If I choose custom kit in order to change the hardware, then the webconfig permanently stops working.

Context; SDCard slot not usable, so trying to boot Rasp 4 b from USB port.

Does it stop working because the pi reboots though?

It’s possible. I’ve changed to a faster higher capacity usb stick, and this time, I changed the .sh settings file for the entry for the Kit from V4 to Custom before rebooting, rather than through the web interface, and it seems to be working.

Submitted a feature request for this :-

Add additional webconfig settings to allow custom cmdline.txt and config.txt settings #676

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