Boot Zynthian from USB SSD

Someone tried it yet?
I just wrote the buster img to ssd and on boot it hangs after a while.

I never tried to boot from USB, sorry.

Give it a try.
For stable use a ssd would be better than corrupted fs.
m2 add on card I will give a try the next months.

I don’t think SD corruption is a serious problem for zynthian currently.
I know some people is concerned about SD corruption, but I hadn’t a corrupted SD in 4 years, and i hack my several zynthians every day …
Even if recording MIDI and audio directly to SD, what should be consider a less-than-secure practice, i didn’t get a corrupted SD.



I used pi as pihole in the past.

two times sd fs corrupted
on after half a year working
on after update.

the raspbian sd never had problems on the working unit.

but better to stay safe and be faster.