Bought Kit V4.5: Love at first sight, but little issues

Hi Zynthianians,
I had really fun to build the 4.5 Kit. Everything worked very well with first attempt.
But I have 2 little issues and hopefully you can help me to find the reason:

  1. When I change to midi recorder, the performance gets really bad. Everything I do, even only play one of the basic files, lasts for a lots of seconds before I can hear it playing. Deleting of a very small file takes also a long time. Recording does not record the whole playing.

  2. Very often an instrument/layer stops working. I can not play it anymore with my M-Audio Keystation attached to Midi. The only way is to remove layer and configure it again. Even reboot does not help.

  3. And a Question: Is there a possibilty to trimm(cut) an audio-file recorded with audio recorder?

Thanks again for this amazing project and the Kit.
Greatz from Koblenz, Germany

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Hi @Lumm

Well done on building a unit. It is a box of delight that will consume much of your time!

  1. There is / was a bug with MIDI recorder that only manifested after change to some libraries whereby it consumes lots of CPU whilst reading files. This happens when the screen is shown, when a file is played or modified, etc. I did a fix for this which I believe is applied to the testing branch but might not have been ported to stable yet.

  2. It would be useful to hear the workflow that leads to this including what instruments are configured, how, etc.

  3. Currently there is not top / tail (trim) of audio feature in Zynthian but I am working on a replacement for the audio player which might add this feature so watch out for that in the (maybe near) future. For now you can download the recordings using webconf (Library->Captures), edit in an external application the upload back to Zynthian using webconf again.

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Thanks for your quick response.

  1. Good to know this is a known bug. Thx.
  2. I try to remember what I have done before when the error happens again.
  3. I didn’t see this feature. Thx for this hint.

I also own a Zoom R8 audio recorder with a very tiny display, much tinyer than the one of the Zynthian Kit and it is monochrome. But with this device you can surprisingly trim audio files very comfortable. So I thougt this helpful little feature must be available in Zynthian anywhere :grinning:

Thanks again


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It certainly has been discussed, but as @riban says the audio recorder and playback ( because in fact it’s really a playback functionality. ) are up for review.

A good zero crossing top and tail tool would certainly be useful, and audio cut down would be VERY useful ( I hanker after locked MIDI logging as well, but I generally keep quiet about that )

The audio recorder is a component that is about to have it’s functionality carefully examined. Not bad for what started as a debug test tool ! :slight_smile:

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