Brian Eno uses Pianoteq and he love it

Chick Corea is also in the list … interesting!
It would be nice to see Brian Eno or Chick Corea using a Zynthian … we need a plan, and our team of conspirators (aka Zynth Club) may have a goal…

a :face_with_monocle: from Eno and Chick!!




Eno says about Pianoteq:

«I bought Pianoteq 6 a couple of weeks ago. I think it is the most well-realised and intelligently constructed piece of music software I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. It is an absolute milestone. Aside from its incredible power as an emulator of pianos, the possibilities that unfold when you start to edit the models are astonishing. I’ve been lost in it since I bought it, and keep dragging friends into the studio to show them this miracle. The randomisation possibilities are so intelligently constructed and are a great help in understanding the enormous variety of possibilities this instrument offer. I don’t think I’ve ever been so impressed by a piece of software design and I just wanted to thank the team who put this together.»

Woaooo! I’m really happy of having realized all this before Brian Eno :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks a lot, @C0d3man!!


I’m putting my money on Zynthian better than a Korg Kronos. More flexible, connected, active development, etc.

And much more inexpensive … without a doubt !!
And easy to transport …
And the most important … infinitely more beauty !! :rofl:

Uhm… what have I done??? :astonished:

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:thinking: Integrate Pianoteq on zynthian?
Talk with Moddart and get their authorization for including their demo on zynthian?

Ah, right… it was a long time ago… I completely forgot. And I don’t think there should be much code left from the engine I started back then, because it was quite simple.

So: thanks for mentioning! :star_struck:

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80% off Pianoteq license would be a deal for Zynthianers. Could be just one device activation. Still a lot of limits using it on Zynthian for full price which is quite expensive, but I do understand it though. Cannot justify it for my 2 hours of keyboard playing a quarter when I have that feeling that I have to play a bit of piano. And Pianoteq is soooo nice sounding…

Finally I am also a happy owner of Pianoteq Standard :slight_smile:
Was happy to see this discount they were offering …
For me (as a professional pianist by first education) there is no true comparison between real analog grand piano and any sampled or modelled version of it.
Sorry - Salamander is also under my standard :expressionless:
But Pianoteq is the best close thing to something I would love to play with. Responsiveness and it’s action to timbre changes are not as real, as the live one, but very very convincing.

As former Yamaha Disklavier specialist in Russia, for a long time I desired to share something precious with all of you - the recordings of Sergei Rachmaninoff transcribed from piano rolls. Recorded in 1920-1930-ies they were lated converted to midi with extra precision, so now to hours of his music is available for free.

These recordings are the closest thing to having him sitting and playing in front of you.
Is sounds amazing on any well prepared Disklavier of Pianoteq piano, but pianoteq gives great impression too. If you don’t believe me - please try yourself.

When you play it with Salamander it doesn’t sound good for my ears.

12_Lilacs_.MID (10.3 KB)
Rachmaninov - Plays Himself - (251.1 KB)
Rachmaninov plays other composers - (207.8 KB)

Please share your opinion on this matter !

p.s. I can understand Brian Eno and Chick Corea :slight_smile: