Broken rotary encoders

Some people is having problems with rotary encoders. It seems that some PEC11R-4215K-S0024 are not too reliable and fail mechanicaly more often than desired.

Those having mechanical problems with some encoder (click switch not working or working poorly, rotary not working), should unmount and test the encoder with a polymeter:

  • Test “continuitiy” in the switch when pushing. You should ear a plain “piiiiiii”
  • Test “continuity” in the rotary while twisting the knob. You should ear a fast “pripripripripripripri”

If not, then your encoder is broken. Take into acount that the switch works mechanicaly different depending on the fixation point. The forces apply differently if you hold the encoder body than if you hold the screw thread, like when is fixed to the case. I have encountered some encoders that only fail when holding the screw thread !! ;-(

If you have some broken encoder and have bought an “official zynthian kit” in the last year, you can send me back the controller and i will replace the broken part for free.

Of course, i’m trying to find a replacement or change the provider. If someone knows something about this subject or have references about good and affordable rotary encoders, share your knowledge!!

Kind Regards … and sorry by the inconveniences!

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Hi @jofemodo

I hope other people know more about this than I do, but my two pence …

I purchased these :

(probably available elsewhere too, like aliexpress, icstation etc)

I bought based on being economical price wise and that they seemed to be recommended for this type of purpose. I have as yet not tested in circuit, but they seem physically to work fine. Will feedback here once I’ve had a chance to build my synth, which I’m behind on due to other projects taking up all my time.

The Amazon reviews seem positive, which I know isn’t a 100% guarantee, but may be an indicator.

Keep up the good work, and I’m sure people realise that projects like Zynthian get better over time with new things being tried and weeding out things that don’t work so well.

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Hi @DonCharisma!

The link is broken :frowning:

Ah, sorry about that, try this one :

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All of mine have been fine so far, I ended up testing them all because one got completely butchered in a (de)soldering incident :unamused: