Broken switch


This switch (and others i think) is broken on my MOD UI

Any ideas why?

It’s not plugged in to anything? Why do you think it’s broken? Do errors appear. Does it do something unexpected?


It is supposed to look like this but it doesnt draw properly and it doesn’t switch when i click it

Ahhhh. Ok, that looks broken. Any messages in the logs in the zynth web interface?
Edit: also web browser & version please.

Looks ok in the logs

Jan 30 01:22:00 wurly startx[1620]: DEBUG:zynthian_engine_modui: WS >> add /graph/SwitchBox2 1115.0 565.3 0
Jan 30 01:22:00 wurly startx[1620]: INFO:zynthian_engine_modui: ADD PLUGIN: /graph/SwitchBox2 =>

Looks the same in both latest chrome and latest opera.

I see is a 404 though :frowning:

I had a quick look using my iPad last night and the switch looked and responded correctly. It seems a bit odd.

Curious. I can confirm that it’s broken for me too. I will try to fix it ASAP.



if it is any help, the switch does actually work if you open the dialog and switch out puts in there… so it is functionally ok, but just not rendering or responding in the gui?