Bug lv2 Dexed?

Could this be a bug?
I have the Dexed>DCDCollection>50_B_3_ORGAN sound which is really weird.
Do you have the same concern?
Hoping to be in the right category of topic.
Thanks for your feedback.

Sounds like there is some noise at the start of the attack. I wonder if it is a failed attempt to add percussive sound that B3 organs have. It would be useful for someone with a hardware dexed to report whether it suffers the same effect. I am not good enough with phase modulation to investigate the patch.

[Edit] It is OP6 that is introducing the noise.

Thanks for reviewing Riban. Looking closer, this is from Feedback in General#3, this parameter doesn’t like the value 7 (max) Best regards

Hi, I created the LV2 port of Dexed (long time ago). I think I made a fix for this in MicroDexed/MiniDexed. Perhaps I forgot to add this to LV2-Dexed. If I can find some time I will take a deeper look at this. Thanks for reporting!

Regards, Holger


Hi, thanks !

Which engine have you used? MkI, OPL or Modern?

I think the bug is inside the MkI engine (look here).

I will add this fix soon.

Can you check with other engines?

TIA, Holger

Ok, I added the patch on dexed.lv2 on github.

@jofemodo Do you need to do anything so the fixed version can get into Zynthian :zynlogo:?


OP6 is the operator with feedback. So the fix may work (when engine MkI isvused).