Bug? MOD-UI won't work after using, removing and using again

Hi @jofemodo ,

I think I found a bug - or I found a problem with my test-installation of partrt/isolcpu:

  1. Boot.
  2. Start engine MOD-UI.
  3. Configure something via browser.
  4. Remove all engines.
  5. Start engine MOD-UI again.

Now MOD-UI is not started… Can someone confirm this?

BTW: Updated before…

Regards, Holger

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Yes… Something like that to me too…but bot always

and this is the log message
WARNING:root:zynthian_gui.zyncoder_read() => (‘Connection aborted.’, ConnectionRefusedError(111, ‘Connection refused’))

Another thing is, that if I load a pedalboard via zynthian-ui, it will be shown in the browser.
But when I change something and try to save it, it is treated like a SaveAs (I have to type a new name).
Only if I load it via mod-ui (browser), the Save is a real save and not a SaveAs.

After those trials I had a temp pedalboard with that 5digit number again.
But in contrast to the previous bug with temp pedalboards, this is because I have the same name in zynthian-data/mod-pedalboard and zynthian-my-data/mod-pedalboard