Build and install Zynthian os on regular pc?

I am talking my lunch break and still waiting for zynthian delivery. I was wondering if anyone ever tries to build the Zynthian OS on a regular pc? I have a lot of those sitting around including a nice i7 Intel NUC that I am not using.

In GitHub I see a couple of scripts like zynthian-sys/scrtipts/ and another one for Fedora. Is this the place to start? I would imagine people might setup dev images on their desktop but these scripts are a couple of years old.

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I’ve done it. It’s fiddly. I wanted things to run as a normal user, but zynthian is mostly set up to run things as root. I never got the web-ui working. I didn’t bother using the scripts. The best thing to do is clone all the required git repos, create new branchs to store local changes, then alter the paths of the synth engines in the zynthinan-engine files.

well my zynthian kit arrived so its a back burner thing for now…