Building a V4 without a v4.6 kit?


I’m curious to build a Zynthian V4, and I see the V4.6 kit is out of stock. I wanted to make sure before I order everything else-- is it possible to build a fully working kit without soldering with all the other parts in the store, or would I miss something important? I already have a Raspberry Pi 4 (and hifiberry DAC standard) that I can use, so no need to get that of course.

I have a V3 and I love it (and want a backup device), very impressed with this-- and want to try out the next version with Raspberry Pi 4. Thanks for making great stuff!

Edit: I’m now seeing that some things are not able to be stocked because of the usual pandemic component delays-- no worries! In that case, I will wait for some full kits to pop up again. :wink:

You can build a functioning Zynthian with no actual zynthian hardware. If you use a usb sound card for instance, you wouldn’t need a GPIO connected sound card, and an hdmi screen will work.

Quite what you consider as something important, probably makes up about 80% of the threads on the discourse site, so read away.

The zynth i’m mucking around with at the moment is a 7" touchscreen with a Behringer 404HD doing the audio.
I have one zynthian all-in-one card that drives that presents the encoders and the s1-S4 switches.

Once you have the webconf up and running it’s all just a config away, to add functionality.
On a sperate machine I use a zynface card to process extra switches.

The beauty of the zynth is this flexibility.