Builds and the landing page

Hey guys!

Love this project and I apologize for making so much noise lol.

I feel like you guys did this project in reverse of how most people do it. It’s refreshing. Usually projects take forever to do a blog and a forum.

I would have loved to be able to download the major parts of Zynthian without leaving the first page I got to. As an impatient developer the first thing I look for is a downloadable binary and setup instructions. I know you guys have those in the forum and on the blog, but I guess my feedback is that I would have expected them right there front and center. I know it can be hard cause it’s early days yet and there’s dependencies like crazy, so… it’s just a thought.

The other thing I’d like to add is that I LOVE the SD card image, so was curious how that was built/created and could it be possible to integrate some kind of Continuous Integration like that could produce RPi image builds for you automatically?

I originally had a comment about more videos until I saw the call for videos – glad to see that’s there. Once I get a Zynthian box, I will make the basic feature video.

I am willing to help with these things in my free time by the way. :slight_smile: