Button feeling flimsy after a few hours

Hi there,
I’m new to Zynthian and after 2-3 years of wanting one and almost buying one (and than finding out that the kits were out of stock) I finally took the plunge! And: WOW!!
After building my brand new V4 I’ve been playing around for a few hours. I noticed that the select encoder started to feel (and sound) different from the others, more flimsy. Also sometimes when scrolling down at first the selection on the screen moves up and visa verse.
Is this a known problem or do I have a bad encoder by accident? The small pcb and screws are secure, I opened it up to check if they somehow had gotten loose.
I made a little video to demonstrate (hidden link, no bad publicity :slight_smile:)
Please advise.
Sincerely, Patric

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Encoders are far from perfect and sometimes it can be a little jumpy, although normally you get used to this and your fingers learn to avoid it. I would like to use better encoders, but good encoders are quite big and really expensive!!

You could try to swap by another one, less important than “select”, like “layer” or “snapshot”. Anyway, if you feel that it’s too uncomfortable, tell me and i will send you a new one.


My select encoder also sometimes makes a step in the wrong direction.
Swapping it is a good idea as a quick fix if it maybe will get worse.

I’m don’t really know how the encoders work, but could this be fixed on the software side? Like giving it more time to detect changes?
Or would adding a small RC circuit help to get a cleaner signal from the switches? (contact bounce)

The signal is already debounced by software and hardware, but perhaps could be improved on software.


Just out of curiosity, are there known encoders that would fit the case and are compatible without software modification that would work better?

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If there were better compatible or similar encoders, we would use It. Don’t doubt it!!

Anyway, i must say that i have several Zynthians, used almost every day, and encoders normally last for years.

Of course, there is a % of bad units… that i will replace if you tell me. And a % of damaged/forced units …

A good option is to buy a set of spare controllers so you can replace damaged units in any moment, although, as i explained above, they can last for years.

Of course, if anyone know about better encoders, please, don’t hesitate to speak! I would love to integrate the best encoders we can afford …


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I know that cost can be an issue and I thought that maybe some ludicrously overpriced encoder exists that are just not an option for the kit.
But as that seems not to be the case I can save myself some time searching for one :slight_smile:

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Well, if you don’t mind and could send me a new one please do.
It really feels like it’s dying on me already and even on another slot it will still misbehave so it will keep on bugging me while using the device.

Maybe one of the 4 buttons under the screen can act as “select”, relieving a bit of strain from the actual select button?

Oh, and since you’re here and I don’t know where to put this info: the assembly instructions were very good and clear, but the MIDI LEDs obviously go in from the outside and not from the inside as stated there. Or at least mine did.

Thanks and have a great weekend!


I will :wink:

Yes. You can easily configure this from the webconf’s hardware wiring layout section.

Ups! Already fixed! :relaxed: