Call for patches! Metal & Psychedelic? Triggering off a kick drum?

Official request for snapshots of your best patches for psychedelia and metal and such. Also interested in if there’s anything already built on the platform that will trigger delay-based effects off a kick drum mic plugged into one of the audio inputs.

I’m in a new detuned Stoner/Psych/Doom outfit with an old friend and a couple of new friends, and I am on keys. I plan to lean heavily on a Marshall’d B3 sound ala Jon Lord as a starting point, but we actually are not starting out with any sort of constraining limits other than everyone liking what we’re doing, so I’m free to get pretty or scary or mindbending, mainly I need to not step on the bass player’s toes. :>

I’m generally more of a simple guy with my gear but this being a new instrument and the possibilities being basically endless I want to not be narrow-minded about it. Anyone got anything cool?