Call for video/audio demos

Hi @Zynthianers!

As you probably have noted, the Zynthian project lacks of good video/audio demos. This is a pitty and i’m getting tired of people asking me for more videos showing Zynthian in action, so i’m decided to solve this little problem, with your help, of course :wink:

This is the plan:


  1. I just started to work in a serie of short video-demos, showing the Zynthian GUI and the main features. A kind of “video user’s guide”. It would be released in the next weeks.

  2. I would like to make a call to the community for generating video/audio contents. I know that generating a decent video is not an easy task, but It would be a really good contribution for the project. Also, i’m thinking about the best way of incentivating this. Any idea? :wink:

In the next months:

  • I have contacted with several musicians that want to collaborate with the project. The goal is organizing some recording sessions with them. It’s expensive and highly time consuming, so perhaps it take some time.



Hi to all Zynthianers!
When I will have more time to setup better audio and video quality I will contribute with some videos regarding my use of Zynthian!
Meanwhile I made a little video of some experimentation with my sequencers and synthesizers that let you see how I had integrated it in my live setup after the building process.

Best regards!



Very nice!

I hope I have time the next weeks to make also some video presentation. Currently to much to work (for beer, for Zynthian).

Regards, Holger

Hi @Ramsi!

Thanks a lot for the video! It’s a fantastic contribution to the project. I hope you have the time for making more :wink:

Best Regards!

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Here is another video that shows how I use my zynthian connected with the ipad pro and made possible setting up everything with a touch interface.
What do you think? I’ve already configured PureData too and posted a few images on the topic related :slight_smile:
Using Zynthian’s GUI with Ipad Pro Touch Interface


Hi !

Here is my participation :slight_smile:
My Zynthian box is connected to my Korg EA1 with a “prodipe midi to usb interface” for sequencing my zynthian, and the EA1 is midi synced to my korg electribe EMX1.

Not really a demo but you can hear the sound of the JX10 Synth :slight_smile: