Can I add sound card definitions?

I’m figuring out the Jackd settings for various audio interfaces I have around like my old Lexicon (actually Digitech) Alpha. I’d like to add these to the sound card drop-down menu of Zynthian so I don’t have to type in the details manually when switching. I assume there is a system file I can edit that has these definitions in it.

Where might that data be?

Screenshot 2022-10-20 18.34.03


Can I add sound card definitions?

Yes !
It’s here:

Excellent! I will test these cards and add them to the Python file.

If you put them in issues on Github they can be added for everyone to use.

Will do.

I assume this is the file in the release candidate. I’m not seeing that file structure in STABLE.

No it’s in stable branch too:

Doh… Yeah, I see it.

I’m testing some additional Interface settings on this Python page. The JACKD_OPTIONS settings are fairly easy to understand and setup but I don’t know how the input and output names are determined for some of the interfaces like the HiFiBerry for instance.

‘SOUNDCARD_MIXER’: ‘Digital Left,ADC Left,Digital Right,ADC Right,ADC Left Input,ADC Right Input’

Anybody know how I can find a list of inputs and outputs for a given audio interface or the names for them? Maybe these are just arbitrary names assigned to a list of I/O points?

You can use in a terminal (ssh or through webconf built in terminal) the alsamixer command.
It will show you the alvailable hardware controls (if any) in the Alsa sound system layer.

They show up in the webconf audio settings, you select the ones you wish to appear in the GUI Audio levels section.

The following are for my zynthian with the Behringer 1820 attached…

Thanks for the info. I’ll see what i/o is shown for each card in the alsamixer and list those that make sense in the definitions for these interfaces.