Can I use Zynthian to do this?

I’ve created a project in Ableton where I have:
channel 1 - sound channel where my guitar is connected with audio to MIDI plugin.
channel 2 - MIDI channel taking the input from channel 1 and having the following MIDI effects on top:

  • Pitch gate - lowering the pitch by 2 octaves
  • Arpeggiator - producing notes
  • Velocity gate - producing different velocity for each note
  • Note length gate - producing different length for each note
    and Finally - a Bass guitar sound.

The result is having a simple Bass accompaniment to the chords I’m playing on my guitar.

I tried to understand from the Wiki, YouTube etc. if I can build something like that using Zynthian, but couldn’t.
I hope I can get an answer from you guys.

Well, off the bat we don’t have a good audio to MIDI plugin. So that’s going to crimp the idea a bit.

HI @itsuribaby!
Zynthian includes AubioNotes, that is a Audio to MIDI converter, but it’s quite experimental and i’m afraid it doesn’t work very well with chords. If you play simple and clean notes, it works “more or less”, although it has some latency (about 100-200 ms).

Thanks @Baggypants and @jofemodo!
That’s not a good news for my project, but putting that aside,
let’s say I’m using a Midi keyboard for the first channel, would I be able to redirect it to a second layer and have all Midi effects on it (like described in my post)?

Hi @itsuribaby!

Yes, i think you could do all those MIDI manipulations easily using the MOD-UI, that is included with Zynthian.


You can test by running linux on a pc, trying the plugins and seeing if it works! is a good resource.