Can I use Zynthian with just a pi and a midi keyboard?


Probably a question that’s been asked before but I’d like some clarification.

Can I use Zynthian with just a pi (with a monitor, mouse, keyboard etc) and a midi controller keyboard?

I really like the look of the project but would like to build it up over several months - it would be really nice if I could use the software from the start to get used to it and start to build patches etc.

Short answer s yes. But t depends what you mean by working. From memory you can fire it up and after setting kit to custom in the webconf you can select audio control and wiring to dummies and (again from MEMORY) it should fire up but it won’t make any sound. The pi audio is just not worth implementing so that won’t do anything except run the GUI & the webconf which is satisfying but sort of misses the point :thinking:
You can then add a USB sound device of some kind but the latency can be of the order of a second or so. This isn’t really acceptable either.
Probably the best option is get one of the zero audio cards cos they work so yes it can get bits working but you ain’t going to be doing anything too musical and as you may know its not a zynth until its made some sound and posted it here… :face_with_monocle:

Fair enough - I’ll look into getting a hifiberry card next in that case.


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Certainly, the HiFiBerry is an elegant and versatile solution, but an inexpensive alternative is discussed here: Cheap PCM5102a board working

I’ll check it out.

I’m looking for reliability in semi-pro situations - preferably with balanced jack/TRS outputs.

My initial thought was to buy everything in the kit but spread it out over several months rather than buy the whole kit.

You can totally do that. Set up a layer and sub layers with a screen at home so you can change sounds using MIDI program changes, then you don’t need a screen when you’re gigging until you get the full zynth screen.

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