Can one edit ModUI patches without an Ethernet connection

I wanted to put together a basic voice sound with with multiple parameter inputs, to demo a hand gesture based control using a tiny 3D camera. I really just have a couple of Pi 3 A+ boards around with 1 USB, No Ethernet and 1/2 the ram. I don’t need mane simultaneous voices.

I could live with slower patch editing over WiFi…

You can map zynthian parameters within the zynthian GUI:

for instance

Appears in the zynthian as …

These can then be mapped via the MIDI LEarn facilities where you would select the MIDI Learn function ( L/S Encoder short press), alter the zynthian control to tell it which one you want to allocate, and then operate the MIDI source device. It should map.

You shouldn’t require the browser to do that, but it’s all a bit read only from the point of view.
You need the browser to chop and change units.

The browser window takes a very long time to appear, but be patient.

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It doesn’t work for me. It worked as you wrote before stable-2211.

With stable-2211 it worked with this problem:

Now, with stable-2306 I can assign a parameter to midi, but it doesn’t work at all.

Does it not work outside only within a MOD-UI chain or is this an overall failing?
Testing is probably the branch most likely to represent current implementation.

It would be useful to submit a bug report to describe particular problems.

The problem occurs only in MOD-UI. Maybe this is the same issue as the #835, I don’t know.