Can someone build one for me? disability

I have a neurological condition that causes my hands to shake. I can no longer solder and looking at the instructions I am pretty sure I will break pins trying to install the flat ribbon connectors.

Does anyone build Zynthian boxes for a fee? I would really like to try one out but I feel like I will never be able to built it myself.

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Hi @tuj! Welcome to the wonderful world of Zynthian.

I am doing a lot of work with accessibility at the moment. (I am a member of the MIDI Association Special Interest Group for Accessibility, worked with @jofemodo on some proof-of-concept enhancements for Zynthian and have started a disucssion on accessibility to riban modular on that forum.)

Zynthian kit does not involve any soldering but if your motor skills are substantially impacted you may still struggle with plugging and screwing it together. Check out the videos on the wiki to see how fiddly it is.

Where are you located? It might help knowing your country / region to see what help might be available locally.

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Hi @tuj !

Welcome to zynthianland!
In your case, i could mount a V5 unit for you, if you like.
You simply order the kit normally and tell me your name, so i can intercept the order to build the kit before shipping.



wow thanks @jofemodo ! I just ordered a kit; SO12440 is me!

Hi @riban , thanks for your reply. I did read the build instructions and saw there was no soldering but the ribbon cable stuff gave me willies. I’ve broken IC pins because it is hard to modulate the force in my hands. Mostly I am fine, it’s the fine motion requiring steadiness that’s hard for me, at least right now. I feel kind of silly because it looks only slightly more complicated than building a PC which I can still do.

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No - don’t feel silly! I saw a talk recently that included the idea that people do not arrive disabled. It is the product or environment that disables them. Anything we can learn to improve access is beneficial. Of course there are things that some people can’t do. (I can’t fix a broke brain!) But we should do what we can to provide as much access to as many people as we can.

I am glad you will be able to get a device. Please help us to improve its operational interface with any feedback you have.



Intercepted! I will mount the unit for you :wink:



I’m really impressed with you two, riban and jofemodo. Incredibly helpful and empathetic. Thank you.


@jofemodo Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! You guys are amazing.