Can you advise corrections to my program change settings?

I’d really like to have program change buttons but my keyboard doesn’t have them. Is there a way to assign some midi controls as program change buttons? I have a korg nanokontrol2. E.g. could the track buttons be used? Or the marker buttons to select and then choose?

I found this… Master "Program Change" Up/Down feature

I changed my korg nanokontrol2 to output on midi channel 16. I entered 16 into the box for channel and set these options… it doesn’t work. Any advice?

I went into my layer, and pressed learn x2 to get to the program change assignment. Then press prog up or down. No result.

you may use midi filter rules.
Depending on what your controller is able to do (you can listen what midi messages zynthian receive or not in the webconf and if they need to be “translated” using Midi rules).

Note, as with Master "Program Change" Up/Down feature - #12 by hal80 unfortunately the documentation assumes knowledge about what you can type in the boxes… I’d be very grateful if someone can explain it?