Cannot access webconf on testing after update

Anyone having trouble with getting to webconf after updating on testing branch? The software appears to be working fine, I’ve tried both wireless and ethernet, on multiple devices/browsers and I keep getting error 500 internal server error. I can ssh in with putty just fine.

Any ideas how to fix?


Please, try updating again.
If it doesn’t work, then you should send the webconf log. From the terminal:

journalctrl -u zynthian-webconf -f

then try accessing to webconf and send the full error log.

Also, it would be useful to know the basic info about your setup: hw version, etc.


Hi jofemodo,

Here is the webconf log attached, first part is the OS info. Oddly, the webconf is reporting “Optimized RPI 3b model” I have RPI 4B 4Gb.


webconf_log.txt (13.2 KB)

Hi @somervid !

I couldn’t reproduce your problems, as you didn’t specify your zynthian hw, etc.
Anyway, i try to fix the errors by adding some missing exception catching.

Please, update and try again … and please, try being a little bit more specific when reporting errors. We need the context for reproducing and solving errors: HW setup and versions, etc.



That fixed it, sorry about the detail. I did paste the configuration at the top of the webconf log file I attached but maybe that wasn’t what you were looking for?

Anyways, my Zynthian is what you call V1. It is custom built RPI4B with KY40 encoders directly wired to GPIO. Audio is Hifiberry DAC+ADC Pro, midi side is a hacked Arduino Midi shield attached to Rx,Tx on GPIO and the display is Generic HDMI attached to a 7” monitor. I am trying my best to keep it on the testing branch but I’ve had issues as the community develops for the future. I don’t need extra switches or CV outputs etc……I have a few midi controllers that can take care of all my needs, even have a controller that outputs qwerty. I really like the zynmixer so that is why I wanted to move to testing. I’ve attached a pic of my box.

Thanks again for your work and patience.

The small hdmi monitors can be quite a handful to integrate can’t they?

Absolutely, short hdmi cable to micro hdmi adapter inside the box! RPI had to be mounted in middle of the box to get to GPIO on one side and dac/adc/hdmi/power on the other. Very tight fit but it works. I cringe when I have to take the cover off otherwise I’d send pic of the inside!

Here is my first build, I either use VNC on a tablet(hence the plate) or plug into a monitor. Same build with exception of the midi, took me a while but I built the zynthian midi cct for this box and this build had the RPI mounted to access power and hdmi externally.