Cannot send PC-Commands to snapshots

41 Wiring.doc (211.5 KB)

My keyboards sends PCh-Comands with leading LSB and MSB.
I tried to send such commands, but the Zynthian doesn´t get the commands.
Using WebConf MidiLog:
Not under Midi IN, neither using Impulse In, neither using ZynMidiRouter Main.

And I cannot update the system. I think it´s closed.

ImhO it would be good, if we can

  • set the unused Controller# to 0 (eg MSB CC#0),
  • the used one to the number of the bank
  • and then send a PCh-Command with the correct programnumber.

Thanks for your faboulos work. Please excuse my faults by using this work area and github too. English is not my language, but I love, what we are doing here.

Kind regards

Hi Norbert!

What SD-image are you using? Gorgona is completely outdated. Please, update to Aruk RC-3 or Buster RC-1. Ahh! And don’t forget to update the software after first boot :wink:


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And show is the output of our Midi Output log instead.
I just tested the snapshot change with two banks and it worked better than ever.
It is 0 based now btw.
And remember that there might be the Roland setting enabled which yields to a previous-bank/program command if you send a 0. I changed to custom, so that nothing is done in that direction.

Hi Fernando,
i´ve changesd the image to buster. After the first boot I have updated zynthian, but

I see the screen layer list. But I can do nothing. Zynthian does´nt reakt to nothing:
knob turning, pushing, Midi-Input ist dead,

In WebConf Midi Log nothing at
Midi In, Impulse In Zynthian Router Main In, Zynthian Router Midi out,

Reboot works but changes nothing.
I can´t do a second update. There´s a stopboard.

Buster image is preconfigured for kit v3. You have to reconfigure for your kit (probably v2).


Anyway, i would recommend you to use Aruk RC-3, that is the current official SD-Image, and the most stable option for you.


But changing it to kit v2 should solve it. I’m always in shock with the new builds as well, when the encoders don’t work :slight_smile:

And Micki, if your IP is something like 192.168, you don’t have to obfuscate it. This means, that it’s your local net and doesn’t show us anything like where you live.

And the IP is also shown in the webconf’s dashboard :wink:

Hi my friends,
now I´m using the aruk-image and it receives PCh-Comands, wonderful.
Now I can integrate zynthian in my setup, without stomach pain. With one knob the whole equipment has the right sounds. Thanks

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You know I´m also playing with a
raspi 4 with 5"Display and Behringer UCA222 using Buster-image.

Would yoube so kind to integrate this features to buster?

It’s already integrated in Buster. Just update :wink: