Cannot use hotspot without Ethernet connected

I can run the gui over VNC from the zynth hotspot on an Android tablet, as long as I have an Ethernet connection to the zynth.

One lousy sound sample for anyone that can see what I’m doing wrong . . .


Quite strange! It seems a “routing” problem:

  • Can you access your zynthian (ssh/webconf) when is in HotSpot mode and no ethernet connection?
  • Can you use your zynthian as an Internet Access Point when connecting the zynthian to internet with ethernet?

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I’ll give it a try. I discovered this when I tried to vnc onto the zynth hot-spot in the pub (no network cable available) it worked at home but not without the network cable connected which I do with all the home zynths

Does the pub WiFi use a captive portal?

Edit: ignore, irrelevant as you’re trying to use hot spot.

I have issues as well. First I thought, it would be Ethernet and WIFI related.
But only WIFI doesn’t work either.
First it assigns the, but after a couple of seconds it falls back to the self assigned address.

The zynthian log doesn’t show anything. Does anybody know where to those errors are logged?