Can't download the official image nor the torrents I found. someone, please help me

It is terribly slow! Torrents had no progress. Please somebody help me.

Hi @gsalmao

Welcome to a world of fun, odd people and the odd frustration! It looks like you have experienced your first such frustration - don’t worry, you are in good company :wink:.

First let’s check you are downloading the right image. The current stable version is available from here. I just started to download it and it looks like it may take an hour. That might be a bit slow but it is a large image (7GB and is served from a server which does many other things so may be restricted by contention of resources. I tend to leave this download running and come back an hour (or more) later so am not sure how long it normally takes. Basically, I don’t think it is much worse than normal.

The torrents were set up by @Baggypants who may be able to report on the status. It is a community experiment so may have limited effectiveness, e.g. few people may be using it as it is barely mentioned. (Maybe we should rectify that.)

That’s the torrent I’m downloading. Currently, I’m downloading at 25KBps and uploading at about 200kbps ahah. But it is working now!! Thank you so much :]

I’m very new to Raspberry Pi and Linux, but I’m following Floyd Steinberg’s tutorials, I hope everything goes fine! If not, I’ll keep asking.

BTW, any books you would recommend to a Raspberry / Linux newbie? I already know how to code C# and a little of python.

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux has some great linux tutorials. They’ll be applicable to Raspberry Pi OS for the most part.

I’ll be sure to check these out ,Thank you so much!

Whoever from Britain that started seeding (I’ve been downloading for about a week with 50kbps), thank you so much! It’s almost finished!

I’ll keep the files in my torrent client to seed for other people, also.

I added a torrent service to one of my Raspberry Pi (servers) a few days ago. I set it up as a background service so don’t monitor it’s activity. Maybe this helped.

[Edit] Looking at the stats it looks like I have uploaded 2GB so certainly helping someone! Let’s get more people running this torrent…


I’m having a problem: I downloaded the torrent, I put it in the SD card, I bought a raspberry pi 4 and a touchscreen, but all I get from the touchscreen is a wavy pattern. The LED light keeps blinking: 4 long blinks and 4 short blinks…

I tested with another OS, it works.

Can you see anything when you point a webbrowser at the zynthian ?


Nope. I also tried to enter every IP in my network,none of them were it.

Does Zynthian support Raspberry Pi 4 with 8GB of RAM?

I’ve run it on a 8GByte machine.

How exactly are you making the image…?

I’ve downloaded the last stable image from the torrent and used the Raspberry Pi Imager to create the image.

Then, the pi keeps this blinking pattern: 4 long blinks and 4 short blinks.

Check the downloaded image against its MD5-sum.

I used WinMD5Free, the numbers are different.

Better blow up my computer, I suppose…

I’m downloading again from the link you gave, riban. It’s going fast now.

I remember downloading the torrent from this forum, maybe it was a different build?

This is where I got the torrent’s link.

It works!!! There is no board error like it used to be… But now, the HDMI displays a bunch of weird colored pixels :sweat_smile: oh boy

Help, please! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
At least some directions

Have you configured via webconf to use HDMI?