In this thread @Baggypants tells how he has created a torrent file for the Zynthian image. Yay and kudos. It got me thinking… what if the Zynthian itself were able to act as a torrent client when idle? Several of us have Zynthians left permanently powered. We could install a command line client, e.g. transmission-cli, seeded with the image which could be disabled whenever the Zynthian is being used and enabled after a period of inactivity. I know there may be some who would have concerns so it may be best as an opt-in option. The seed file could be updated via Zynthian update method when a new stable version becomes available.

The large, slow and historically unstable download of the full image had been an issue for a while. This may help with that.

I would also like to see a smaller image available with ability to grab extra bonus goodies via update so that we can get a basic Zynthian running more quickly but appreciate that has not been considered viable in the past.

[Edit] Actually, transmission-daemon may be a better option. It could be started and stopped by Zynthian software based on rules like I suggest above.


It seems OK to me. It would be a nice add-on for zynthian,

I’m working on an automated torrent generator that would generate torrent files for green builds. These torrents would be fed to a permanent node so we always have at least, 1 seed.


Didn’t quite tqke the 45 days initially estimated estimated@4kb/s to download :> I will keep it up.on my permanently on desktop. Might be good to include a bit more description of which version is being torrented in the torrent file in order to be able to identify which build it corresponds to on the wiki/github.

It’s being hosted on my home connection currently. I’m sure more seeds will improve it. I’ve set going another leecher on a cloud instance I have access to.

Hi @Baggypants!

I’m using mktorrent for generating torrent files but the torrents don’t seems to work:

The command used for generating the torrent file is:

mktorrent -a udp:// -a udp:// -a udp:// -a udp:// -a -a -a udp:// $1

where $1 is the zip SD image file.

The command generates a valid torrent that i’ve loaded without problem on 2 clients:

  • rtorrent, with a full copy of the zip file, that runs on a cloud VM
  • transmission, for downloading, that runs on my desktop

It’s been running from yesterday, about 22 hours, but still no peers have been found and 0 bytes have been downloaded. The torrent seems dead.

Could you help me with this? I’m quite new to “torrent creation” … :wink:


I used the transmission gui to create the torrent with the announce server udp://

I’ve loaded your torrent and it’s showing 3 peers.

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It’s downloading?

Um, No.

And now? :wink:

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Hi, I’ll try to download.

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Slurped down the whole thing and seeding.


Should we add torrent details to the download page / wiki? I have tried to download the full image today and it has failed a few times. I am not using torrent which is downloading from three peers. Of course torrent is only available whilst there are peers but if a peer can run permanently on the main Zynthian server that would be good.

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Zynthian servers are running a torrent node all the time, so you always should have one peer at less.

I will add the torrent download option to the web and wiki :wink:


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I have a peer running still too.

Yep! There were 4 peers running including mine but that is on a netbook which is now stopped. Ironically I used torrent because my direct download failed several times. The direct download then completed before the torrent and I then found I already had a copy downloaded :blush:.

Looks like has no permissions for download but listed here: Index of /torrent

@jofemodo - you were going to add something to the wiki but I don’t see it. It would be good to have the stable image torrent advertised. I just configured a machine here as a peer but can only see one other peer. I wonder if there may be different torrent configurations? @Baggypants configured one which I think is the one I am using.