Can't get out of non working wifi after restore

Hi, i don’t know how i did it at first setup, but i succeded in a working wifi .now , after a restore from scratch, i didn’t reach the goal.
Already downloaded firmware, changed wpa_supplicant… etc-- nothing.
with ifconfig system detects only ethernet and internal loopback…device.
wifi hardware does not appear…
any tips?

Have you read this?

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yes, it’s what i did last time too. and it worked almost quickly. now i checked the libraries (which i didn’t remember i installed ) and they are all present.
Now i succeded in making wlan0 visible, but does not connect . Maybe i’m doing wrong something on configuration . p.s.: i have open network

just one update: ihad to connect to webconf through wifi, writing exactly the address, not localhost…and same thing with ssh.
localhost works only with ethernet

Delete wpa config file and create a new one with webconf

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it didn’t work… restored wpa config… by now at least i can connect with real ip…