Can't select midi device in audio chain

if I create an audio chain on a newly installed stable-2401 zynthian on a V5, I cannot select the specific midi input devices (shows empty sub screen and could freeze zynthian when bold pressing select knob).
This is counterintuitive, because it should be possible to choose specific devices for controlling this audio chain.
Am I thinking not in a zynhtian way?? Or is it just a bug? Or is plugin midi control not affected by the chain’s midi device selction?

An audio chain has no MIDI input. Only MIDI and Synth chains have MIDI input. So you can only select the MIDI input device for a MIDI or Synth chain. You can still MIDI learn controls from any MIDI device to any parameter in any chain.

Ok, makes sense. At least it is confusing to find it in the available chain options.
But thanks anyway.

It’s a bit of a hangover.

Yes - you are right. The option should not be available for an audio chain.