Capturing sysex dumps via midi in?

Hello, apologies if this is answered, but I’ve searched for a while and not found anything. Is there already any functionality built in where I could capture a sysex dump from an external device via the MIDI IN? I have a few synths that are capable of exporting everything - sequences, patches, etc - via sysex dump as a backup/archive, and it would be incredibly handy to be able to maintain these states on the Zynthian as opposed to using something like Sysex Librarian.

Thanks in advance!


We can do this without MIDI in the webconf.
Is there really the need to provide it over MIDI, only because other synths are lacking more comfortable ways of doing it?

Well, the desire to do this over midi is specifically for the scenario of a synth that ONLY speaks midi, and is capable of loading sets of patches/sequences via sysex dump / sysex restore.

I can do this from a laptop now or similar, but being able to just quickly select a “bank” to load/save these sysex dumps to/from on the zynthian would be pretty awesome… It would be good for quick patch changes/loads in synths that have limited memory, where you’d have to load sysex data from SOMETHING to change out sets/samples/patches/sequences/whatever, or to take a backup of the overall system state. Sure, I can use a laptop or similar, and that’s how I’ve been doing this so far.

This is nothing I NEED - It would just be useful, and I wasn’t sure if this capability was already there and I was just missing it, or what.

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I would also like to be able to send Sys-ex as easily as calling up a bank on internal Zynthian engines. I have an Ensoniq SQ1+ 32 voice that needs either sys-ex or a ram card (rarer than hens teeth!) to back-up sequences or voice patches. In fact I’d build a Zynthian into it as there is a lot of space inside, but that’s another project… :slight_smile:

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First of all, i like the proposal and i think that can be quite interesting for a device like zynthian.
Currently that’s not possible because mod-ttymidi, the software driver used by Zynthian’s MIDI-IN & OUT ports (UART based) doesn’t support SysEx. The first step for having this feature could be:

  1. Convince falkTX for implementing SysEX support. We can use good arguments, money or whatever …

  2. Implement SysEx support by ourselves. It shouldn’t be so difficult, although it should be tested with a good bunch of devices… A nice work for someone desiring to gain reputation and prestige in Zynthian & Linux Audio communities :smirk:

" I tried to make it as similar as possible to the
specification, but some differences exist… " does not inspire confidence…

Guess you are not a developer.
Otherwise you wouldn’t be surprised.
But I don’t want to destroy your confidence the next time you board a plane. #boeing737max8


Oh, strange. On my machine it worked perfectly…